DETROIT — Our Town America’s program is helping the Motor City escape the financial issues caused by the depression because it is laser focused on helping new movers and local businesses create loyal, long-term relationships. Each month, Our Town America sends new movers a warm welcoming package full of gift certificates from local businesses that allows them to get on their feet after a big move. This is great for new movers as it helps them get acclimated in their new environment and introduces them to quality businesses in the area when they’re looking for new “go-to” options for their daily needs.

On the flip side, it’s excellent for Our Town America’s sponsors, too, because they’re able to reach a new group of potential customers each month when they’ve just come to town. The program works because these new movers aren’t looking to simply redeem a coupon; they’re trying to find new service partners that can fulfill their needs. New mover marketing services that build those types of relationships are the ones that help businesses build their customer base and power through tough economic times.

How has this organization become more beneficial to the Michigan area now than it was 40 years ago?

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