First Housewarming Party for New Homeowner

Because moving takes a lot of preparation and hard work, housewarming parties do not typically happen within the first few weeks of moving into your new home. They are usually held months or even up to a year after the move itself.  Here are some easy tips to throwing a pleasant and fun but inexpensive […]

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New Homeowner Helpful Tips

Starting Over in a New Neighborhood
Whether you are moving for a sad reason like death, divorce or financial difficulties or a happy reason such as marriage, a new job or buying your first home moving can take an emotional toll.

If you are living out of boxes, planning ahead can do wonders. Do your best to […]

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Our Town America Helps Detroit Businesses

DETROIT — Our Town America’s program is helping the Motor City escape the financial issues caused by the depression because it is laser focused on helping new movers and local businesses create loyal, long-term relationships. Each month, Our Town America sends new movers a warm welcoming package full of gift certificates from local businesses that […]

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Why Owning a Home is Still Part of the American Dream

Buying a home is still part of the American dream according to 90% of the population despite past unsavory loans and down economic markets. What makes home ownership still an attractive proposition besides its symbol for success?
1. Building Equity.
Low housing prices do not last forever. As a homeowner, one builds equity in their home as […]

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