Because moving takes a lot of preparation and hard work, housewarming parties do not typically happen within the first few weeks of moving into your new home. They are usually held months or even up to a year after the move itself.  Here are some easy tips to throwing a pleasant and fun but inexpensive housewarming party.

Food and Decor

1. Guest Expectations.

A housewarming part is usually for your family and closest friends so they will not be expecting to walk into a fancy showroom. Manage the flow of guests to congregate in the areas of your home that are most finished and best suited for groups.

2. No Full Meal Necessary.

You should not have to worry about providing a full meal for your guests. They are typically going to drop in and out during the party’s specified invitation hours so they will not expect to stay long and have a full course meal. Food is expensive these days. Instead of buying the convenient ready-made party trays, buy the vegetables and make dips from scratch. It will all taste better from being fresher and you save some coin.

3. Bake Something.

Nothing says welcome like a fresh batch of brownies or cookies. If you are not the best baker, you can buy pre-made dough and pop it in the oven and your guests will get the impression you whipped them up yourself.

4. Plastic Utensils.

Stop by your local party store or box store for cheap plastic utensils. They are practical, go a long way and make for easy clean up.

5. Alcohol.

Alcohol is probably the biggest expense when throwing any party. Make your alcoholic drinks go farther with less by mixing up some sangria or juice punch. These are fresh, delicious and cost effective alternatives to bottles of wine or liquor cocktails.

6. Music.

You can’t have a party without music. Make sure you have your Pandora or internet radio ready to go or an iPod with a full playlist and the mood will officially be set.

Following these simple steps will guarantee a successful housewarming party and not break the bank. So congratulations on your first housewarming party and enjoy!